Member Room Reimbursement


All 24 member room reimbursements have been claimed. We have created a waitlist, in the event a room reimbursement becomes available. The waitlist is not a guarantee and members attending the conference should make reservations and plan accordingly.

Individuals will be contacted on a first come, first serve basis and have 24 hours to confirm their need for a room reimbursement. 

Member Room Reimbursement Waitlist 2018

Each year, the Coalitions apply for grants that support the CAIA Membership Room Reimbursement program.  We are happy to share that this year, there will be a total of 24 Room Reimbursements.

Who is eligible for CCASA/Violence Free Colorado Room Reimbursements?
Members of either Coalition are eligible to request room reimbursement during the registration process. Members must be in good standing at the time of applying. Individual members are not eligible

Can I get two rooms as a dual member?
With few reimbursements available, we need to spread the opportunity to as many members as possible. Members can claim one room for their organization, not two or more.

What is covered in a room reimbursement?
Reimbursements are for rooms at the Vail Marriott Mountain Resort, The Lions Square and Spa or The Antlers. Room cost ($148 per night) up to three nights will be covered, excluding tax and parking. 

Sounds great, how do I claim my room?
Room reimbursements are limited and allocated on a first come, first serve basis through registration.

When registration opens on March 1st, be quick to register and claim your room. It’s like Cyber Monday, only in March. As you navigate through the registration screens, an option will appear to choose the dates you need a room. IMPORTANT: Talk with your team and determine who will claim the room. That way we don’t have multiple people in your organization claiming a room.

Once the 24 rooms have been claimed, the option will go away and instead, you will see a message “All Member Room Reimbursements Have Been Claimed.”

Book your room — fast
Rooms at the Marriott sell out quickly. In fact, many attendees have already booked their rooms. Don’t delay in calling the hotel at 800-648-0720 and tell them you are with the CAIA Group. You’ll pay the hotel directly for your room and submit for reimbursement after the conference. Booking your room early does not guarantee a reimbursement. Only registration will.  We DO NOT make reservations for you. You are responsible for making reservations and any cancellations.

Reimbursement Forms
Only members who claim their rooms at the time of registration will receive a reimbursement form via email after the conference. You’ll need to complete the form and submit a copy of your receipt. Checks are mailed in July. 

So… Book your rooms early and be quick to register on March 1st.