What Happens to Domestic Violence Victims when Sentencing is Over? Treatment Victim Advocates: Ongoing Safety, Resources, and Victim Input in Offender Treatment.

A domestic violence (DV) offender is arrested and placed on Probation and required to attend DV offender treatment. The victim in the case has received advocacy from the law enforcement advocate, community advocate, court advocate and now the probation advocate. She receives a call from a Treatment Victim Advocate (TVA). Who is this TVA? Have I not already talked with enough advocates??? The TVA became a required component of the Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Team (MTT) in DV Offender Treatment in the DVOMB Standards. Utilizing the victim perspective, input, and expertise of the TVA in offender treatment has been a unique opportunity for ongoing advocacy in Colorado, that extends opportunities for safety and services to victims and survivors post offender conviction. The TVA has a unique perspective and ability to continue advocacy post-conviction and help dismantle oppression by the offender. Despite the requirement of a TVA in the DVOMB Standards, currently they appear to be underutilized due to lack of awareness of this expert’s existence and ability to contribute to the MTT. This presentation will educate on who the TVA is, requirements to become a TVA, their role in offender treatment and in providing continuous victim safety when an offender is engaged in services with a DVOMB Approved Provider. It will also explore and provide ethical solutions to encourage advocates in different systems to work together, while maintaining the required confidentiality. Unique aspects will be discussed regarding working with diverse populations such as traditionally marginalized survivors/communities, LGBTQIA+ populations, female, male and non-binary victims and survivors, poverty and other areas that require specific training and focus in order to provide well rounded advocacy services. Lastly, this presentation will provide an overview of the structure of offender treatment and supervision services required by Statute, which are designed to support the role of the TVA in this process. (will reduce to 75 words if selected)

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