Silence Breeds Violence – Let’s Talk about Abuse in Teen Relationships

Teen dating abuse is prevalent and young people (parents too) seem unaware of the issue and its short and long-term consequences on their relationships and mental health. According to the CDC “Each year, around 12% of American high schoolers experience physical or sexual violence at the hands of an intimate partner.” Teenagers today are bombarded with mixed messages and wrong information leaving them confused about behaviors of heathy and unhealthy relationships. We know teen dating abuse starts young (middle school) and learned negative patterns of behavior, if not changed, will eventually emerge in adult relationships. Research shows prevention and intervention education that identifies risk factors works so let’s start having the conversations! Teens need and deserve to know information around recognizing red flags and ways to build safe and healthy relationships. Participants will leave this session with strategies for prevention education that includes helping teens set boundaries, understand consent, and become advocates for healthy relationships.

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