Raising the Bar: Expanding the Conversation on Bystander Intervention

This workshop focuses on how service/music industry staff can create a safer more inclusive environment for patrons through bystander intervention practices. It is in direct response to years of patrons demanding action from owner/operators/event organizers to listen to survivors and make the scene a safer place by holding perpetrators of sexual harassment/assault accountable for their actions. It strives to remove the onus of action from potential victims and place it back on the community, especially those who have power in these different venues. Participants will learn to identify inappropriate behavior and practice the basics of bystander intervention (distract, delay, delegate, direct). These skills can be adapted to and applied anywhere folks gather in a social setting. They can be taught in person or virtually. When a venue reaches out about getting a Raise the Bar training, we work extensively to understand that venue's unique needs and tailor the training to fit them specifically.