Jamie Fraipont-Daszkiewicz

Armed with a childhood ACE score of 9, 15 years of not meeting the expectations of her lived community and healthy dose of sarcasm, at 18 Jamie found herself in a constant state of wtf in newly minted adulthood. Never fear, resilience was her middle name. years of feeling a freak for her memory and reading skills allowed her to plough through red tape, bullshit and bureaucracy with ease. advocating for women and victims was a natural course for well into 3 decades of her life. navigating spaces in trauma and crisis, creating systems to circle and circumvent broken systems to curate communities. Decades later has found Jamie directing and creating projects, pr0grams and grants for healthcare systems in trauma response, victim advocacy, CISM, CSU and SUDS detox, resilient leadership and peer supports with the same skill as she managed a mortgage at 12: lots of questions, a flexible process, fresh pad of sticky notes, all the colored pens and a curse or two silently screamed into the wind. With advanced and instructor certifications in a plethora of areas in: Coaching, Crisis, Trauma and Advocacy, as well as over a decade in Executive Admin non-profit roles, she also consults with organizations in Leadership Resilience, Organization Strategy and Crisis Management. She currently works at Open Advocates as Director of Programs and Grants, which includes four departments: Victim Advocacy , Crisis Behavioral Health, SANE/FNE and a CISM. Jamie also owns her companies HER Grace and Grit LLC and Lutalica Consulting. Jamie spends her personal time still raising and growing more than 20 souls, reading 1000 books a year, climbing mountains ,smashing patriarchal standards of success, studying Leadership in Stanford's Graduate School of Business Executive Programs, and being passionately tolerated by her bestie of 38 years.