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Vail Marriott Mountain Resort & Spa

Rates starting at $164.00 a night
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Antlers at Vail

Rates starting at $166.00 a night
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Member Room Reimbursement:

Room Reimbursements Claimed

For 2017, CAIA has a total of 30 Member Room Reimbursements available. Each Coalition Member is eligible to request reimbursement for one room at the Vail Marriott (room cost only, no taxes can be reimbursed) for a total of three nights. This means one room per agency*, not one room per person at your agency. We receive grant funding in order to make this financial assistance possible for members but it is limited and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. 

Members will “claim” their room when registering for the conference. We highly encourage you to register right away beginning March 6, 2017 as rooms are claimed quickly (sometimes within days).

Please note that funding does not allow for members to receive travel/mileage reimbursement this year. Once the allotted room availability has been reached, we will place notification on the conference website.

Members will book and pay up front for room reservations.  Members who claimed a room will receive a reimbursement form AFTER the conference via email. 

For full member room reimbursement details and requirements click here